Credit Providers use your CREDIT SCORE and AFFORDABILITY to consider a loan application.

Your CREDIT SCORE is a concise report of your credit history. It shows potential creditors how you MANAGE your finances and if you are a SAFE DEBTOR.

AFFORDABILITY is a measure of your ability to repay a particular item, in this instance, a student loan or the educational institution’s monthly payment plan. Affordability is calculated by DEDUCTING your monthly LIVING- and FIXED expenses from your INCOME.

LIVING EXPENSES are your groceries, hobbies, and other sundry expenses. FIXED EXPENSES are your subscriptions, LOAN REPAYMENTS, and insurance premiums.

To OPTIMISE the probability that your current or future loan applications will be SUCCESFUL, or to enable you to settle the loan or payment plan QUICKER, it is necessary to ENHANCE your affordability.

Affordability can be ENHANCED by REDUCING your monthly expenses wherever reasonably possible. Always be mindful of your living- and sundry expenses because it will INFLUENCE the outcome of current and future loan applications.

In light hereof, we OFFER all our clients a voluntary affordability-optimising service which will enable us to EXPLORE opportunities to PUT MONEY BACK in your pocket... money SAVED is as good as money EARNED.

If you have ANY FIXED EXPENSES (subscriptions, LOAN REPAYMENTS, and insurance premiums) and would like our squad to REVIEW your EXPENSES for potential SAVINGS, kindly reach out via the BUTTON below. It will take you less than 1 second and will ENABLE us to prepare an Optimisation Indicator © for you.

This process runs parallel and INDEPENDANT from our loan facilitation service and does NOT influence the turnaround time of your FUNDING application.